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The Sharing Community
IOCS promotes a new economic model for a self-sustaining community in which both demand and supply can be generated and managed internally, creating the spending power to fuel its own vibrant internal market.

The three pillars of that economic model are:

Leveraging Unique Projects
Non-Exploitative Development
Sharing Wealth
IOCS is a co-operative community in the original sense of the word, powered by commitment to the principle that every transaction should provide benefit for every party to it. Externally, as the community grows, its purchasing power is enhanced exponentially. Internally, members benefit from discounts on purchases and preference in hiring thereby enjoying some cushion against the vagaries of the consumerist, consumption-driven, capitalist market place in which we presently operate.

The community is owned by its members free from state sponsorship or direction and strives to create a model that translates its theory into practice.

For more in-depth analysis of the vision and philosophy of IOCS find white papers for download here.

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