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Sharing Wealth
IOCS uses land to create an additional win-win situation for its members and its host countries. In addition to the tangible and intangible benefits of IOCS's non-exploitative development described under "Non-exploitative Development", responsible development of their land enhances the intrinsic value of the land itself in the global market place, builds asset value and profit for our investor members and boosts the wealth of the local population.

For the host country, development of land locks the benefits into their economy because the land cannot be removed. Moreover, unlike speculators who export their profits from their local land transactions back to their countries of origin, IOCS will reinvest the vast majority of the profits from its sale of lots to members into the local community to fund the infrastructure development. It will also give shares in EDCI, its development holding company, to the local owners from whom it acquires the land so that they can share personally in the long-term growth deriving from the asset they surrender.

But IOCS brings even more to the table. By deploying the purchasing power of its thousands of members, it dynamically accelerates the process of development and its effectiveness thereby allowing the host country to bypass several phases of the usual evolutionary process and reach its economic destination faster and with less pain.

For their part, the members of IOCS get the opportunity to invest in land at the ground floor with the knowledge that the land in which they invest will be significantly enhanced in value by the activity and investment undertaken by IOCS in the proximity of the residential land in which they invest.

In other words they are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. By investing in the purchase of the land they create the ability for its value to be enhanced. This principle will, so far as possible, be adopted in all IOCS development projects.
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