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Overview of the Vanuatu Project

The people of Vanuatu have long been aware of the country's potential and have been seeking to attract foreign investment that would enable them to develop the required infrastructure to enhance the country's reputation as an international financial centre and realize its potential as an exotic tourist attraction. By introducing state-of-the-art business facilities, advanced agricultural techniques, the very latest communications technologies and other such resources, they plan simultaneously to enhance the local economy and to upgrade its offshore environment to a premier-league international financial centre.

IOCS is harnessing the skills, experience and energy of its members and other entrepreneurs and enterprises from around the world in co-operation with the Government of Vanuatu to realize these aims. This alliance of globally networked private enterprise with government endorsement provides a unique opportunity to fulfil the dreams both of the host country, Vanuatu, and of the individual investors, the members of IOCS.

The IOCS Contribution
IOCS is devoting its efforts to assist the Government of Vanuatu in realizing that vision in many ways including:

Residential development. IOCS will develop quality resort-style residential developments for purchase by its members with associated facilities including edcatioinal and local recreational facilities.
Commercial property development. It is anticipated that IOCS will contribute to the development effort of the government's proposed international free trade centre but final decisions on location and function will be made in consultation with government in the light of the community's needs when the residential development is further advanced.
Technological research. EDCI is investigating the opportunities for making the IOCS communities a model for ecologically friendly, alternative-energy developments and will assist the government in exploiting the experience gained throughout the country.
Development of Vanuatu's agricultural and fishing resources.
Re-investment. Unlike traditioinal international investors, IOCS will re-invest the vast majority of its profits back into local development for the benefit of the local community.
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