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Non-Exploitative Development
IOCS believes that every transaction should benefit all parties to it and, consistent with that belief, pursues a policy of fair and non-exploitative investment in the developing world. Its focus is on land and infrastructure, an investment which inures to the continuing benefit of the local community by facilitating both local enterprise and the ability to trade effectively with the outside world.

In addition, IOCS commits 4% of its investment fund up front to community purposes, to be used for the expansion of their facilities such as hospitals, schools, roads and other infrastructure. Such use will be facilitated and managed by IOCS but direction will remain with the local community.

Our first development project is in Vanuatu which is targetting the creation of a premier international financial centre, a top tourist destination and expanded infrastructure and facilities for its citizens. IOCS will be instrumental in realizing that dream for Vanuatu.

By committing investment to Vanuatu's infrastructure which cannot be extracted, removed and exploited for gain at the expense of the host country, IOCS will be providing a long-lasting contribution to the local community's prosperity, based on a true partnership for profit.

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