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IOCS Vanuatu
Club Membership
Every purchaser of a lease agreement and each resident of a leased lot will be automatically entitled to be a member of the local recreational club, IOCS Vanuatu Ltd. IOCS Vanuatu Ltd is a company limited by guarantee and each member commits to contribute a maximum sum of VT2,000 (±US$18.35) in the event of the company being wound up.

There are 4 principal classes of membership of IOCS Vanuatu:
Enjoyment of Rights
Apart from the right to attend and vote at general meetings of members, the constitution of the club extends enjoyment of the rights and privileges of membership to certain others as follows:
  1. the rights and privileges of an Individual Member may be enjoyed only by the Member personally;

  2. the rights and privileges of a Family Member may be enjoyed only by the Member personally and either: -
    1. by the spouse and children of the Member; or
    2. by the parents and siblings of the Member
    as specified by the Family Member in writing in accordance with the Regulations;

  3. the rights and privileges of a Corporate Member may be enjoyed by not more than three Nominee Subscribers for the time being nominated by that Member and accepted by the Directors in accordance with the Regulations.
Sponsor Members
The Sponsor Members are representatives of IOCS International whose role is to uphold and promote the core principles of IOCS and the benefits of members as well as to act as liaison between the IOCS International Club and the IOCS Vanuatu Club.

Meetings and Voting
Only the named member (or, in the case of a Corporate Member, its lawful representative) has the right to attend at general meetings of members. Sponsor members count as one voting class and the other members together count as a separate voting class. Resolutions of "members" require a positive vote of both of those classes to be carried.

Club House
IOCS will build a club house which will provide for members and their guests exclusive facilities such as restaurants, bars, party facilities, fitness centre, business centre and sports and other leisure facilities.

Golf Club and Marina
IOCS will commission a premier golf course designer to design a world class golf club and will build both the golf course and a marina for the use of members of the Club, their guests and patrons of associated hotel resorts.

Reciprocal Facilities
The Club will enjoy reciprocal facilities with all other IOCS clubs throughout the world and with selected non-IOCS clubs.
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