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IOCS International
The Mother Club
IOCS International f.m.b.a. is the "mother club" of IOCS International. Being a member of this club is what entitles you to call yourself a member of IOCS. The club is established in Denmark and has two classes of member: Ordinary Members and IOCS Community Members.

IOCS International f.m.b.a. is the owner of the IOCS name, brand and goodwill and is the mouthpiece for the IOCS community.

Classes of Membership
Ordinary members are, of course, individuals who invest in IOCS projects and thereby become a member of IOCS. IOCS Community Members are the local and regional IOCS clubs
(see Regional/Local Clubs) which service their members locally. Each local and regional club is an IOCS Community Member of IOCS International and IOCS International nominates the Sponsor Members of those local clubs. By this means, IOCS International can ensure a consistent quality and service for its members throughout the world.

Entitlement to Membership
When you become a member of IOCS, you will be admitted to membership first of a local or regional IOCS club established either in the location of your land investment or in the location of your personal residence - or both. IOCS Vanuatu Ltd is the first local club which has been established to provide member services to the owners and residents of the land lots belonging to members in Vanuatu. As long as you remain a member of at least one local or regional IOCS club, you are automatically a member of IOCS International.

Meetings and Voting
Each member (or in the case of a corporation, its lawful representative) has the right to attend at general meetings of members. IOCS Community Members and Ordinary Members count as separate voting classes and resolutions of members require a positive vote of both of those classes to be carried.
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